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Quarter Sheets

Size Guide
Riding Skirts
Size Waist Size
Small 26" to 34"
Medium  34" to 40"
Large 40" to 46"
Custom Please contact us

Our Extendable Quarter Sheets (also called Extendable Riding Skirts) protect riders, tack & horses. By adjusting the draw cords, these riding skirts can be fully extended or cinched up.

For summer and spring riding we also offer lighter weight quarter sheets without insulation. More information here.

Tan Digital Camo
Steel Blue
Bright Yellow
Bright Red
Reflective Tape (For an additional $15.00)

High Visibility Quarter Sheet


Competitions/Showing: Keeps you and your horse warm, dry and comfortable throughout the day. It's also quick and easy to remove, while mounted, before entering the ring.

Trail Riding/Endurance: Enjoy the trails no matter what the conditions. It protects the rider, saddle and horse's back muscles in foul weather including wet or snow covered branches. If you do get caught in the rain, your seat will be protected.

Schooling: Prevents riders from becoming chilled while working horses in damp indoor arenas or outdoor rings

High-Performance Softshell

Quarter Sheets are made with Polartec Powershield Fabric

• Extremely wind & water-repellent
• Breathable fabric with stretch for comfort
• Outer shell repels hair, hay & debris
• Wrinkle resistant, low-rustle fabric
• Reflective Tape (Optional) for increased visibility 
• Abrasion & stain resistant / machine washable

Quarter Sheet FAQ

Q: What are Extendable Quarter Sheets?
A: Quarter Sheets can be cinched up and extended to allow for freedom of movement on the ground and in the saddle. 

Q: Can I wear it when I’m not riding?
A: Yes. They are MULTI-PURPOSE and keep equestrians lower body clean & comfortable while grooming, stable chores, ground schooling, etc.

Q: Can I mount my horse while wearing it?
A: Yes, they are designed specifically to allow for easy mounting and dismounting. Simply pull on the drawstrings to cinch up the sheet whenever necessary.


Q: Can I wear it over all types of boots?
A: Yes. They fit over pants and leg wear: jeans; breeches; half-chaps; chaps; show and street clothing, etc

Q: How do they differ from chaps?
A: They protect legs, seats, saddles and horses’ back muscles.

Q: What waist sizes are available?
A: Small (up to 34”) Medium (34”–40”) Large (40”–46”) & Plus Size
Velcro closure allows for quick release & easy adjustments.

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