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Fast Dry Towels

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These multi-purpose fast drying towels are amazing and are perfect for horse riders and dog owners! 

"It’s great to find a product that can be used just about anywhere and for so many uses. Its size and weight make it easy for any activity. Our towel was used at the barn for various things such as wiping our hands dry, wiping our horses, cleaning the odd scrape, wiping tack, etc. All we ever did was rinse the towel out with water and hang on a hook for a few minutes. The towel dried quickly, always rinsed easily, and we have still to develop an odor. A must for every car, truck, pack or trunk." Equine Lifestyle Product Review, Donna Nearing
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Quick Dry Towels


Fast Dry Microfiber Towels are anti-odor, lightweight and quick drying which make them a must at horse shows, in the barn, and out on the trail. For dog owners, the towel can also be placed between your pet and furniture (including car seats) to curtail doggie odor left behind on the upholstery.

Because the towels launder so well, they can also be used for swimming, camping, travelling, at the gym and in your home.

“5 out of 5 for functional perfection!”- Outdoor Gear Reviewer SNEWs 

Quick Dry Towels for the Beach and Swimming

Benefits of Microfiber Towels

The fabric contains silver which is a natural anti-microbial that stops bacteria growth at a molecular level, inhibiting odor causing bacteria from growing on the towel. Silver is commonly used in the medical field for its antimicrobial properties. Some key benefits of our towels are:

• Anti-microbial: Inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.
• Anti-odor: Eliminates mold and musty smell on damp towels.
• Practical: Quick drying, lightweight and durable.
• Permanent Protection: Silver is woven into the fabric and will never wash out.
• Sun Protection: Between 15 to 40 (The darker the color, the higher the SPF).
• Safe and Natural: Silver is the active ingredient in odour resistant technology.
• Easy Care: Towels stay fresher longer. Machine wash when necessary.

"This towel dries almost as soon as I hang it up and has yet to emit any noxious odours" -

CruisingWorld.com Michael Lovett

Microfiber Quick Dry Towels Help Reduce Pet Odor

Using Fast Dry Towels

Large (34” x 58”)
Popular all-purpose sized towel: It’s large enough to use on your horse and take with you wherever you want to go.
Medium (34” x 28”)
Perfect for wiping down wet tack, horses and dogs. It is definitely a towel that you’ll want to use daily out in the barn or around your home. 
Small (16” x 28”)
Ideal size to carry around at horse shows, around the barn, and out on the trail. The towel hangs nicely around your neck, through a belt, or stuffed into a pocket. 

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