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Riding Skirts FAQ

Riding Skirt FAQ

Q: Can it be used with both English & Western Saddles?
A: Yes, it’s attached around your waist, so it can be used on any type of saddle; even bareback riding.

Q: Is a horse riding skirt easy to put on & take off?
A: Yes, the Velcro on the front closure & leg straps allows for quick release & easy adjustment in the saddle or the ground.

Q: Can I mount my horse while wearing it?
A: Yes, it’s specifically designed for easy mounting & dismounting without any special adjustments.

Q: What type of clothing will it protect?
A: All types of pants: jeans; breeches; half-chaps; chaps; show clothing, etc.


Q: How does it differ from chaps?
A: Chaps don't fit over all types of legwear or protect your seat and saddle in wet weather.

Q: Can I wear it when it’s not raining?
A: Yes. It also prevents you from becoming chilled in dry but cool weather. Hidden legs straps keep it in place on windy days.

Q: Will I get too hot when the weather warms up?
A: Unlike chaps & jackets, air circulates under the breathable fabric, so you feel comfortable even as the temperature rises.

Q: What waist sizes are available?
A: Small (up to 34”) Medium (34”–40”) Large (40”–46”) & Plus Size
Velcro closure allows for quick release & easy adjustments.