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Quarter Sheets FAQ

Quarter Sheet FAQ

Q: What are Extendable Quarter Sheets?
A: Quarter Sheets can be cinched up and extended to allow for freedom of movement on the ground and in the saddle. 

Q: Can I wear it when I’m not riding?
A: Yes. They are MULTI-PURPOSE and keep equestrians lower body clean & comfortable while grooming, stable chores, ground schooling, etc.

Q: Can I mount my horse while wearing it?
A: Yes, they are designed specifically to allow for easy mounting and dismounting. Simply pull on the drawstrings to cinch up the sheet whenever necessary.


Q: Can I wear it over all types of boots?
A: Yes. They fit over pants and leg wear: jeans; breeches; half-chaps; chaps; show and street clothing, etc

Q: How do they differ from chaps?
A: They protect legs, seats, saddles and horses’ back muscles.

Q: What waist sizes are available?
A: Small (up to 34”) Medium (34”–40”) Large (40”–46”) & Plus Size
Velcro closure allows for quick release & easy adjustments.